Welcome to mafia the game

What is Mafia The Game?

Mafia The Game is a free online mafia based mmorpg. Based on the life of the real mafioso and the actions of the real life mafia. You can become the ultimate online mafioso. Free to play and nothing at all to download, you can create a account within a matter of seconds. Registration is quick and easy and our noob hints and tips each round within the game, will help you get off to a great start. As well as noob hints and tips each round, register a account today and we will help you jump start your mafioso life with 20,000 free account credits.

Live the real life of the mafioso and build up your criminal underworld family alongside hundreds of players from around the world. Produce weed, bootleg alcohol, produce cocaine and produce counterfeit money to gain cash using your punks, bootleggers and thugs scouted. Scout the Casino, Napoli, Ghetto and Gym to hire Hitmen & hustlers, Whores & card dealers, Bootleggers & punks and Thugs & bodyguards to bring down your rival mafioso’s.

Join or create a family cartel to lead your mafioso character to fame across our 8 highly competive ranks and gain turns to carry on to the next 3 day round. Gain the upper hand by forming alliances or creating enemies to reach the rewarding top killer mafioso spot. Earn your rewards by winning all 24 in round medals as many times as you wish.

Purchase 11 items from the built in Blackmarket ranging from narcotics to 4 weapons and much more to equip your defences and keep your operatives happy and ensure they keep producing drugs, cash and much more at the highest standards for you.